Hi! It's me, Keisha. I hate talking about myself, but I do love talking about my passion. I picked up my camera several years ago and I haven't looked back since. I wish I could tell you that I went to school for fancy picture taking skills, but I went to school and have a degree in Science (which pretty much allows me to take pictures of peoples insides). Maybe cameras have always had my heart. It all started after I married my very sweet and tolerant (but very handsome) husband. We have two beautiful kids. I can't get enough of their faces. I would photograph them everyday if they let me. If you thought it was just your kid refusing pictures, I promise it isn't! 


I never really knew what a dream job was until I picked up my first camera. What started out with taking pictures of close friends and family evolved into engagements, weddings, newborns, and children. My work has been showcased on Beachbride.com, Gulf Coast Bride Magazine, Ultimate Wedding Magazine Blog, and Lace and Loyalty. It's so cool to see my work in magazines and featured in online blogs. I have been so blessed to work with awesome couples. It is such an honor to be given a platform for my business to grow, but also for my couples knowing that their big day is helping other brides and grooms plan their big day.


2019 is coming with some big changes for me and my business. I will no longer be shooting weddings on my own, but will be focusing on bumps, babies, children, and families. I have officially opened my studio here in Locust Grove and honestly could not be anymore proud of it. My husband did some awesome work and has helped me add some beautiful custom made frames for your pictures and some of the sweetest little props. The studio is packed with any and everything that you can think of. A playroom for the toddlers to stay busy in while the siblings are having their pictures taken, snacks on top of snacks, make-up in the bathroom for the tired mamas who 'forgot to put their face on' before leaving, a bed for the dads to catch a few extra minutes of sleep, a comfy couch to sit back and watch memories of your littles being made, a charging station for all the devices and a tv for your viewing pleasure. I can't wait for you to come in, check it out and feel right at home! 


I love to help! If you have any questions about sessions, what to expect, or just want some general information on setting up a session-all you have to do is shoot me an email. I would love to work with you.