Keisha Robertson Photography: Blog en-us (C) Keisha Robertson Photography (Keisha Robertson Photography) Fri, 31 Dec 2021 21:10:00 GMT Fri, 31 Dec 2021 21:10:00 GMT Keisha Robertson Photography: Blog 120 80 Happy Birthday Aden! It is a month of birthdays here in the studio. I met this family in the spring of last year for a family session. Aden was just a few months old then. I honestly didn't think he could get any cuter, but oh my! I was wrong! We shot this session in the morning...because what is better than cake for breakfast? Mom went with a monster theme. I added lots of fun color pop with balloons, big 'poofy paper things' and a monster banner. Aden, however, was the best (and cutest) little monster this setup needed. 


I could start my day off like this everyday! Nothing like cute squishy baby and snacking on a few pieces of left over cake. 

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Nathan turns ONE I met this handsome man when he was just a few months old. Nathan is your typical little boy. He wants to get in on any and everything. I typically stick with more neutral tones in my newborn sessions, but when it comes to smash sessions I LOVE color! Nathans room is decorated with dinosaurs and his sweet mama wanted to keep with the theme. She brought a few items from his room and added in some balloons. I absolutely loved the way all of the colors popped for this session! PS: I am a sucker for a red head. 

You know it is a party when the clothes start to come off....and this was the last shot of the session. 


Happy 1st Birthday, Nathan! 

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Waiting On Brecken Georgia weather in January is about as reliable as winning the lottery, but when having a winter baby you have to get a session in when you can (and hope and pray that the weather cooperates). Of course cold weather does not deter Emilea and Chris from shooting a maternity session. They were married in Colorado overlooking the most gorgeous mountains covered in snow. I think Brecken is the perfect name! 

Emilea and Christopher decided on shooting their session at Arabia Mountain. During the session Emilea mentioned that Arabia is one of the first places she and Chris went hiking. I'm glad that it was a familiar area for them because it is not one of my most frequently visited locations to shoot, but it will be now. Christopher made the perfect tour guide and took us straight up to the top of the mountain for some pretty perfect shots. Oh! Not only was Christopher a great guide, but he also pushed his one year old daughter up a mountain in a stroller. Kiddos to dad! 


And yes, it is perfectly okay to swoon over dads hair. I am pretty jealous myself. 

...but you can also swoon over how gorgeous this mommy to be is. Hair envy all around. 

We did a few at the bottom of the mountain and then started our hike up. The sun was perfect (and also gave us a little bit of warmth).

We finished this maternity session off with a few shots including sweet Miss Presley. 

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Hey Jax!  

This sweet boys parents were just featured in my last blog. I couldn't help but not share some of these pretty perfect images from his session. I told you that he was a gorgeous baby. Jax arrived a few weeks before his due date, so I got to snuggle with him a little bit earlier. He loved to be held and cuddled-and that is always hard when the session is over and you have to say goodbye....and you know...give the baby back. Nobody ever lets me keep their baby. I don't know why? (= 


I get a few babies that let me know EXACTLY how they feel during their session sometimes. I think this picture of Jax pretty much sums it up!  Jax was such a doll during his session. I honestly could have snuggled on this little nugget all day. He was perfectly fine sleeping and I probably could have hung him by his toes and he would have slept right through it. Don't worry, I would never hang a baby by their toes!

If a baby smile doesn't make your heart happy, you are not human. 

Such a gorgeous family! I love a baby in a bucket. I especially love this little baby in a bucket! 

I am so glad that I get to watch this precious boy grow. I am thrilled that his parents trusted me to capture these memories for them. 

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Maci and Beau/Maternity I don't even know where to begin with this sweet couple. It was actually Beau's mom who scheduled everything. Everything from the maternity to the newborn session. I didn't think I could have met a sweeter person, but then I met Maci and Beau. Sugar must run in their veins. I have never felt more love from one family. 

Maci arrived in a gorgeous blue dress. Of course blue for the beautiful little boy she was carrying. Oh! And I can verify that this baby is beautiful because I got to snuggle on him a few weeks after this session. I love to talk about my mamas, but Maci was glowing during her session. I know it was only a hundred million degrees when we shot this session, but Maci walked around Indian Springs like a champ. She hiked steps, sat on rocks and was not only graceful but looked gorgeous. Beau held her dress, her hand and made sure she was taking in plenty of water....because seriously it was a hundred billion degrees outside the day of this session. 

And, as always, a fitted dress is a must for a maternity session. I am a big fan of showing off the gorgeous pregnancy curves. If you are considering a maternity session, plan ahead! I like to shoot maternity sessions starting at 28 weeks to avoid the swelling and making it an easier decision for moms to wear a fitted gown. 

I love Indian Springs. The rich colors of the rocks, how the sun sets over the scenery and the way the water photographs are just a few reasons I love shooting sessions here. The river rocks is one of the main spots for pictures. The rocks can get pretty slippery and heavy rainfall can be a little tricky, but with a little help and bare feet I can typically manage to get some pretty wonderful images. 



Little did we know that baby Jax was already working on making his debut a little early. Just a few weeks after this session Jax arrived-about a month ahead of schedule. I will blogging about his sweet self as well because ya'll just have to meet him! 

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Daniel Lucas I am really trying to do better with being more 'social' on social media. Truth is, well, life! Life is busy! My kids never ending school projects and homework should have earned me another degree by now. It is just always something! So, while I have some down time with photography, I am going to tell you a few stories behind all these sweet babies taking up my website.

Meet Mr. Daniel Lucas. His sweet mama, Amanda, contacted me a few weeks before her due date. She and her husband, Matt, were referred to me by another client, also named Amanda (who is also married to a Matt). Have I mentioned how much I love my clients? It is always so great to get referrals from past clients. It lets me know I am doing something right. The sweet words from past clients to future clients seriously keep me going. I was so happy to have Daniel in the studio. He made me work for it, but his kissy lips are everything. I won't tell you that his pouty perched lips may have been caused by removing his paci between shots, but still, worth it. Daniel was the best cuddler and he would curl up so nicely for his poses. 

We had to do some stuffing and he may have peed all in his daddys uniform pants, but this shot was so worth it! And he looks so perfect! Also, lets just take a moment to thank the men and women who serve our country. 

I am blessed with some the most beautiful clients. I don't even remember having time to wash my hair for at least a week after birth. I mean, maybe not a week, but maybe a week. Either way, I didn't look this glamorous. 

Amanda asked me for very little concerning her newborn session. Her ONE request was that we had to have a Harry Potter set up. This is where I tell you that I have not read the first book or seen the first movie. I know, it's awful. I'm awful. After this session I did get a book and it is currently on our reading list! That helps, right? And if it doesn't, then look at the rest of these images. He is pretty perfect!

We didn't actually draw on his sweet head, but I did work a little photoshop magic. 



My most favorite parts of a session is when the baby just wants to be held. My kids are growing up and the coveted snuggle time is far and few. When a baby comes into the studio, I take a few minutes to hold them and let them get to know me. I may not quite snuggle as good as their mother, but I come pretty close! I was so happy to get to snuggle on this muggle (see what I did there).... Thank you to Amanda and Matt for allowing me to do this session for you...and to the other Amanda and Matt for sending them my way! 

If you are home and snuggling on your babies, hold them just a little longer and a little tighter. 

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Rhyan Cate I love babies. I love the way they smell. I love the noises they make. I honestly do not think there isn't anything a baby does that I don't like...except maybe stay awake for an entire newborn session. Luckily, my baby prep helps with that. 


I have known Stephanie for years. You know the friend that you can go to for anything? Stephanie is that friend for me. I can literally ask her about anything and I know she will give me her honest opinions. If you do not have a friend like this, you need one. My life is insanely crazy. My husbands schedule is unGodly, I am a single parent throughout most of the day due to his hours, I am in charge of my business, my home, my kids and their schedules. So, if I am not running around like a chicken with my head cut off, I am catching up with my friends. Steph is typically that friend for me. The one that I don't have to call and check in with everyday. We always pick up where we left off. Well, I mean I am meeting her for lunch next week so she can eat while I hold her baby. That's what friends do, right? Her life changed a little over a year ago. She met and married the perfect gentleman, Scott. Little did Scott know that when he married Stephanie he inherited me. I was a part of the deal. Scott is a police officer. If you know me, I always have questions when it comes to the law. Not that I break the law, but it is always nice to be up to date or know a good guy when one gets handed that special golden ticket when you 'may' have been going a little too fast while on a way to a session. Actually, I encourage everyone to get to know your first responders. You never know when you will need them-and when you do, you will be glad to see a familiar face. Not even a week before Rhyan made her appearance, Scott lost one of his officers in a very tragic and senseless act of violence. I believe Rhyan knew her daddy needed her that week. Nothing can bring a smile to ones face quite like a baby. 

When I say my friendship with Stephanie is a blessing, Scott is part of that blessing! I was fortunate enough to be asked to capture their wedding. Little did I know a year later I would be taking pictures of their precious daughter. Well, I was secretly hoping.


Meet Miss Rhyan Cate. I could snuggle her for hours. 

Because nothing makes a girls ovaries hurt more than seeing the big brother love on his little sister. And Rhyan obviously loves the attention. 

She was born right before Christmas so of course that calls for a little festive headband. 

This is the part where I tell you how gorgeous mommy is, but I don't have to. I am pretty sure I didn't look this flawless a week after giving birth. My friend is pretty amazing. 

This sweet thing completed this family. And look at dads smile. He was totally trying to keep his cool. This man couldn't stop talking about his beautiful new daughter and how proud he is of Stephanie for giving him Rhyan. I have never seen my friends happier. And I can't wait to watch this little girl grow. 

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Mercedes and Blake/Maternity When expecting a baby in February it is always up in the air as to when to plan a maternity session. With Christmas being one the most busiest times of the year between shopping and traveling, you can only hope and pray that January gives you something to work with. Lucky for Mercedes, the weather was nothing short of perfect. With sunshine and 70 degree weather, we filled the hour with a lot of laughs and a ton of amazing shots. 

Mercedes decided on the open fields of Nash Farms. I could shoot every session at Nash, especially on days when we have gorgeous weather and full sunshine. Nash is timeless and keeps the focus on you. 

Mercedes arrived in the prettiest blush dress. It flowed so sweetly over her precious baby bump and reveals that she is expecting a little girl. I am hoping that this baby comes with a head full of hair, her daddy's sweet temperament and her mamas fierce personality. We already know she is going to be just as gorgeous as her parents. 

About halfway through the session I decided it was time for an outfit change. I am currently adding some gorgeous gowns to my closet. Of course I feel like Mercedes has THE most unique look. Lets be honest, she can wear anything and still be gorgeous. I wanted something simple, something fitted, but something dramatic. Mercedes was hesitant about wearing a fitted gown, but with a little convincing she went for it. Blake couldn't take his eyes off his girl and we had the most gorgeous golden hour light fill in the gaps where the leaves have fallen off the trees. It was the only way to finish up this gorgeous maternity session.

You can tell by the way Blake looks at Mercedes that he is head over heels in love. I already know that when he sees his little girl for the first time, he will fall in love all over again.  Mamas, do not be afraid to show off your pregnancy curves. You are creating a little human and as crazy as this may sound, you will miss this. You will miss the ever growing belly, the sweet and sometimes painful baby kicks and being able to bring your baby any and everywhere you go. Quit worrying about the swelling your body is doing to take on this thing called pregnancy. Take it all in, put on the fitted dress and take the pictures. Your baby bump will not last forever, but these pictures will take you back to remind you of how strong you really are. 

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The Lewis Wedding I could not say enough about this wedding. I really couldn't. I met Brett and Barbi at Starbucks. I still have no clue why I meet brides and grooms at Starbucks because I don't really like coffee. I never even drink it! I just feel like that is the place where people hang out...and most normal people drink coffee. Or iced coffee? Come to think of it we all drank water the day we met. They were so much fun to listen to and energetic while talking about their wedding day. Barbi loved the beach. Her hang out spot growing up was at Alligator Point, Florida. I had never heard of this place, but it was out in the middle of nowhere. It did make the perfect secluded wedding spot. The sun was out most of the day until Barbi went to walk down and it started pouring rain. Her maids ran her back into the beach house and waited it out 10 minutes. The storm was small and passed quickly allowing the bride to make her way back down the isle. Like every storm, it brought in the most fluffy clouds and let the ideal amount of sunshine thru. It was the perfect beach wedding-from the dresses, the details, the view, down to the most breathtaking couple on the beach. 


Barbi had picked out two dresses for her big day, but she chose a beautiful gown with an open back to walk down the isle in. 


Barbi is a Georgia fan while Brett is an Alabama fan, so she accessorized with garters to surprise her soon to be husband. 


A beach wedding allows room for a little more fun. Instead of the traditional bubbles and rice, they decided on beach balls! The cross was hand made by the brides family and delivered just for their ceremony. 

Brett proposed to Barbie with her granny's wedding ring and paired it with the perfect band. Stumbled along this shell as I was trying to find a spot to photograph this most unique set. I seriously wanted to bring this particular shell home with me, but I left it behind. 

One of the most hands on weddings I have shot to date. Farm house tables were built by the bride and grooms family and made their way to Florida. The mason jars made the perfect center piece. Each guest was given a frame ,also hand made, to each guest that attended the wedding. 

The chalkboard sign set up at the reception made the best backdrop and told Brett and Barbi's love story. 

Barbi's second dress was form fitting and made the perfect reception dress. We had to go steal a few more pictures on the beach.

Barbie and Brett had the most AMAZING sunset at the end of their day. I was so honored to have their wedding featured on and Gulf Coast Bridal Magazine. I am so grateful to Brett and Barbi for asking me to document their love day.

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