The Lewis Wedding

March 28, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I could not say enough about this wedding. I really couldn't. I met Brett and Barbi at Starbucks. I still have no clue why I meet brides and grooms at Starbucks because I don't really like coffee. I never even drink it! I just feel like that is the place where people hang out...and most normal people drink coffee. Or iced coffee? Come to think of it we all drank water the day we met. They were so much fun to listen to and energetic while talking about their wedding day. Barbi loved the beach. Her hang out spot growing up was at Alligator Point, Florida. I had never heard of this place, but it was out in the middle of nowhere. It did make the perfect secluded wedding spot. The sun was out most of the day until Barbi went to walk down and it started pouring rain. Her maids ran her back into the beach house and waited it out 10 minutes. The storm was small and passed quickly allowing the bride to make her way back down the isle. Like every storm, it brought in the most fluffy clouds and let the ideal amount of sunshine thru. It was the perfect beach wedding-from the dresses, the details, the view, down to the most breathtaking couple on the beach. 


Barbi had picked out two dresses for her big day, but she chose a beautiful gown with an open back to walk down the isle in. 


Barbi is a Georgia fan while Brett is an Alabama fan, so she accessorized with garters to surprise her soon to be husband. 


A beach wedding allows room for a little more fun. Instead of the traditional bubbles and rice, they decided on beach balls! The cross was hand made by the brides family and delivered just for their ceremony. 

Brett proposed to Barbie with her granny's wedding ring and paired it with the perfect band. Stumbled along this shell as I was trying to find a spot to photograph this most unique set. I seriously wanted to bring this particular shell home with me, but I left it behind. 

One of the most hands on weddings I have shot to date. Farm house tables were built by the bride and grooms family and made their way to Florida. The mason jars made the perfect center piece. Each guest was given a frame ,also hand made, to each guest that attended the wedding. 

The chalkboard sign set up at the reception made the best backdrop and told Brett and Barbi's love story. 

Barbi's second dress was form fitting and made the perfect reception dress. We had to go steal a few more pictures on the beach.

Barbie and Brett had the most AMAZING sunset at the end of their day. I was so honored to have their wedding featured on and Gulf Coast Bridal Magazine. I am so grateful to Brett and Barbi for asking me to document their love day.


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