Daniel Lucas

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I am really trying to do better with being more 'social' on social media. Truth is, well, life! Life is busy! My kids never ending school projects and homework should have earned me another degree by now. It is just always something! So, while I have some down time with photography, I am going to tell you a few stories behind all these sweet babies taking up my website.

Meet Mr. Daniel Lucas. His sweet mama, Amanda, contacted me a few weeks before her due date. She and her husband, Matt, were referred to me by another client, also named Amanda (who is also married to a Matt). Have I mentioned how much I love my clients? It is always so great to get referrals from past clients. It lets me know I am doing something right. The sweet words from past clients to future clients seriously keep me going. I was so happy to have Daniel in the studio. He made me work for it, but his kissy lips are everything. I won't tell you that his pouty perched lips may have been caused by removing his paci between shots, but still, worth it. Daniel was the best cuddler and he would curl up so nicely for his poses. 

We had to do some stuffing and he may have peed all in his daddys uniform pants, but this shot was so worth it! And he looks so perfect! Also, lets just take a moment to thank the men and women who serve our country. 

I am blessed with some the most beautiful clients. I don't even remember having time to wash my hair for at least a week after birth. I mean, maybe not a week, but maybe a week. Either way, I didn't look this glamorous. 

Amanda asked me for very little concerning her newborn session. Her ONE request was that we had to have a Harry Potter set up. This is where I tell you that I have not read the first book or seen the first movie. I know, it's awful. I'm awful. After this session I did get a book and it is currently on our reading list! That helps, right? And if it doesn't, then look at the rest of these images. He is pretty perfect!

We didn't actually draw on his sweet head, but I did work a little photoshop magic. 



My most favorite parts of a session is when the baby just wants to be held. My kids are growing up and the coveted snuggle time is far and few. When a baby comes into the studio, I take a few minutes to hold them and let them get to know me. I may not quite snuggle as good as their mother, but I come pretty close! I was so happy to get to snuggle on this muggle (see what I did there).... Thank you to Amanda and Matt for allowing me to do this session for you...and to the other Amanda and Matt for sending them my way! 

If you are home and snuggling on your babies, hold them just a little longer and a little tighter. 


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