Hey Jax!

January 16, 2019  •  Leave a Comment


This sweet boys parents were just featured in my last blog. I couldn't help but not share some of these pretty perfect images from his session. I told you that he was a gorgeous baby. Jax arrived a few weeks before his due date, so I got to snuggle with him a little bit earlier. He loved to be held and cuddled-and that is always hard when the session is over and you have to say goodbye....and you know...give the baby back. Nobody ever lets me keep their baby. I don't know why? (= 


I get a few babies that let me know EXACTLY how they feel during their session sometimes. I think this picture of Jax pretty much sums it up!  Jax was such a doll during his session. I honestly could have snuggled on this little nugget all day. He was perfectly fine sleeping and I probably could have hung him by his toes and he would have slept right through it. Don't worry, I would never hang a baby by their toes!

If a baby smile doesn't make your heart happy, you are not human. 

Such a gorgeous family! I love a baby in a bucket. I especially love this little baby in a bucket! 

I am so glad that I get to watch this precious boy grow. I am thrilled that his parents trusted me to capture these memories for them. 


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