Mercedes and Blake/Maternity

January 10, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

When expecting a baby in February it is always up in the air as to when to plan a maternity session. With Christmas being one the most busiest times of the year between shopping and traveling, you can only hope and pray that January gives you something to work with. Lucky for Mercedes, the weather was nothing short of perfect. With sunshine and 70 degree weather, we filled the hour with a lot of laughs and a ton of amazing shots. 

Mercedes decided on the open fields of Nash Farms. I could shoot every session at Nash, especially on days when we have gorgeous weather and full sunshine. Nash is timeless and keeps the focus on you. 

Mercedes arrived in the prettiest blush dress. It flowed so sweetly over her precious baby bump and reveals that she is expecting a little girl. I am hoping that this baby comes with a head full of hair, her daddy's sweet temperament and her mamas fierce personality. We already know she is going to be just as gorgeous as her parents. 

About halfway through the session I decided it was time for an outfit change. I am currently adding some gorgeous gowns to my closet. Of course I feel like Mercedes has THE most unique look. Lets be honest, she can wear anything and still be gorgeous. I wanted something simple, something fitted, but something dramatic. Mercedes was hesitant about wearing a fitted gown, but with a little convincing she went for it. Blake couldn't take his eyes off his girl and we had the most gorgeous golden hour light fill in the gaps where the leaves have fallen off the trees. It was the only way to finish up this gorgeous maternity session.

You can tell by the way Blake looks at Mercedes that he is head over heels in love. I already know that when he sees his little girl for the first time, he will fall in love all over again.  Mamas, do not be afraid to show off your pregnancy curves. You are creating a little human and as crazy as this may sound, you will miss this. You will miss the ever growing belly, the sweet and sometimes painful baby kicks and being able to bring your baby any and everywhere you go. Quit worrying about the swelling your body is doing to take on this thing called pregnancy. Take it all in, put on the fitted dress and take the pictures. Your baby bump will not last forever, but these pictures will take you back to remind you of how strong you really are. 


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